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The newest member of the family

I just scored the COOLEST new slab-o-wood to add to the family.

She’s a no-bullshit for-reals 1981 Dean ML.  Not some crap knockoff reissue piece of trash made in <insert 3rd world country here> and then sold for <insert ridiculous price here> at some local  GuitarCenter retail outlet chain.  It’s not some nonsense “dinky” shitbox either.   This is an actual 1981 U.S.A. made Dean ML.  No f’n kidding.  And it’s AWESOME!!!!


This beauty even survived the lame trend in the 80s & 90s of filing down frets too, so they’re amazingly untouched and nice and crisp.  It makes this thing fast as hell.


And you wanna hear the most insane part… it’s serial number is 666 guitars off the line later than the infamous Dean From Hell.  I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.

This baby plays f’n beautifully!!!  Having finally gotten my greasy hands on one of these, I understand why Dime was so crazy about these guitars.  They’re going to have to bury me with this one as well ’cause there’s no way in hell I’m ever parting ways with it.  Took me over 2 years to even find one of these…and then to have it end up being the evil twin of the DFH, well… I tell you what, my neighbors are putting the cops on speed dial for noise complaints.


Now I can’t wait to jam her at this year’s upcoming Dime Tribute and actually lay-down & represent. (there we no MLs and no Randalls at the last event…kinda sad IMHO).

R.I.P. Darrell Abbott.


IMG_6078 IMG_6077

The Rev’rend was in town…


Gawd Damn I love playing Guitar

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Love Song Number One

I’ve been trying to get into a better habit of actually capturing all my random ideas.  This one’s a rough take and hardly perfect, but was the first thing I came up with the other morning when I woke up.  Maybe would serve as a good opener for a badass ballad or something.


Stylistic Diversity

While I dream Metal, I also love and embrace -WAY- more styles than just thrashin’ about all the time.

These are some demos of ideas in other genres.

Bluefoot Blues – Joe Wombacker on fingerstyle.  Moi on lead.

Everything else is all just me dickin’ around.


The reason I even play guitar

Me-and-Billy-G   Nothin’ a little dose of the Reverend can’t fix fo’ y’all.

Hail to his majesty…

IMG_4269 IMG_4270


All hail Uncle Al – enough said….

Restoring a SoundCraft 600 (x16)

Gotta start this post being both thankful, yet disappointed.


I got a RAD board out of the deal – at a great price…yet… I’m left thinking… “REALLY!?!?!??!  SERIOUSLY!?!?!??!”

It takes 1% of effort to keep yer shit clean.

A windex paper towel once every 45 years is too hard???

This board simply needed some contact cleaner, some q-tips, and some paper towels and it once again is AWESOME.

Yer loss, my gain…I’m fine with that.

(I do have to say tho, without naming names, a “studio owner” that lets their shit degrade into this poor a condition…needs to find another fuckin’ job)




So, got ‘er home and it’s DIRTY as shit!!


I literally cannot sleep at night knowing my gear is this nasty.

IMG_3997A screwdriver later…pretty simple circuitry honestly.  Not like I’m debugging at the ICU level, but some ribbon cables are easy to handle.

IMG_3999 IMG_4001 IMG_4002 IMG_4003 IMG_4004 IMG_4005 IMG_4006 IMG_4007 IMG_4008 IMG_4009 IMG_4010 IMG_4011 IMG_4012 IMG_4013 IMG_4014 IMG_4015 IMG_4016


Start by blowing out the slider and pots w. compressed air.


Next, I’d gently soak each push switch w. contact cleaner.


I’d then click each button in-n-out like 10-15 times.

Same deal w. the pots.  Soak ’em.  Spin ’em a buncha times.  F’n simple “repair”.


Then it’s on to face cleanup.  This is where how NaStY dude let this gear get really sunk in.  FUCK!!!  so many q-tips, windex, paper towels, and contact cleaner!!!!!  Shameful is the resonant word while I’m scrubbing all this shit back to life.


And finally … VOILA!


Blasting Zone has commenced BLASTING!!!

The Blasting Zone has just fucking detonated!!


OUR MOTTO:  Guitars until your anus bleeds and napalm runs out your fucking ear holes!!  We are here to KILL your guitar tracks and sound.


Everything louder than everything else!!!


RG100 – yes, DIMEBAG’s AMP!!!! (the carpet version and everything!!! – no fucking joke)


WALL OF AXE ™ !!! – and there’s more as well…. not every guitar fits on the wall at once


AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! (the Mesa Boogie Mark IV is Lamb of God’s Amp!!! – you can TOTALLY HEAR IT!!! – the FUCKER screams!!! (and it’s beautiful)).  The Marshall JMP1s are also some bad ass kit.  If they’re good enough for Ministry, they’re good enough for us.



The Soundcraft 600 16 channel – the new heart of Blasting Zone.  It sounds as awesome as an analog console should!!!

IMG_4061 IMG_4063










JCM2000 TSL 100 – loads of burn!!










What happens when you EQ all the mids out…


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