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Our new hosting provider

While selecting a hosting provider isn’t the sexiest of topics to most, we recently decided to move over to Node-Nine.  These guys really know their stuff.  We were very impressed by not only their passion for cloud-based high-availability, but also their relentless pursuit of automation.  They even have systems in place to help auto patch our site so that we don’t get hit by newly announced vulnerabilities.

Needless to say, we’re impressed.

Their services are also very cost effective.  We’re not only paying -WAY- less than we were when we ran things ourselves on Amazon but we also now have a great bunch of support engineers we can contact if we ever have any questions or problems.

Anyway, if you’re in the market for a great hosting provider, check them out.


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Truth in Advertising

Anybody who doesn’t live with their head in the sand, or believing in magical mystery boogie-men in the sky, knows that Insurance Companies are nothing if not lying parasites that try every devilish trick they can devise to screw their customers out of ever having to pay for anything.  I actually had one PROFIT from having to pay-out for a scenario I was involved in.

That said, it was nice to see an Insurance Company finally send me a letter the other day showing clearly how I’m going to feel as their customer.

“Yeah big boy, give it to me prison style… you know that’s how I like it…right here at my desk…”

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The newest member of the family

I just scored the COOLEST new slab-o-wood to add to the family.

She’s a no-bullshit for-reals 1981 Dean ML.  Not some crap knockoff reissue piece of trash made in <insert 3rd world country here> and then sold for <insert ridiculous price here> at some local  GuitarCenter retail outlet chain.  It’s not some nonsense “dinky” shitbox either.   This is an actual 1981 U.S.A. made Dean ML.  No f’n kidding.  And it’s AWESOME!!!!


This beauty even survived the lame trend in the 80s & 90s of filing down frets too, so they’re amazingly untouched and nice and crisp.  It makes this thing fast as hell.


And you wanna hear the most insane part… it’s serial number is 666 guitars off the line later than the infamous Dean From Hell.  I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.

This baby plays f’n beautifully!!!  Having finally gotten my greasy hands on one of these, I understand why Dime was so crazy about these guitars.  They’re going to have to bury me with this one as well ’cause there’s no way in hell I’m ever parting ways with it.  Took me over 2 years to even find one of these…and then to have it end up being the evil twin of the DFH, well… I tell you what, my neighbors are putting the cops on speed dial for noise complaints.


Now I can’t wait to jam her at this year’s upcoming Dime Tribute and actually lay-down & represent. (there we no MLs and no Randalls at the last event…kinda sad IMHO).

R.I.P. Darrell Abbott.


IMG_6078 IMG_6077

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The Rev’rend was in town…


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Gawd Damn I love playing Guitar

12189414_983159051751320_4949242297375347487_o 10506876_983159155084643_6196025445108489534_o 12186271_983159401751285_1487254171763047632_o 12185413_983159098417982_3280732248692179915_o 11155005_983159365084622_7361154349079320792_o

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Shit web-design at it’s best

It’s no wonder that American Health Care is so fv<k3d!  When you have shithead web-design like this, that can’t even recognize a person’s damn ID, … well, let’s just say that 2 year-olds could’ve built a better system.


Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 7.00.02 PM

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The pedophiles are getting desperate

Rape Wagon extreme edition.   When you see this beauty slowly driving by a playground near you… run!JesusVan

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The reason I even play guitar

Me-and-Billy-G   Nothin’ a little dose of the Reverend can’t fix fo’ y’all.

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Hail to his majesty…

IMG_4269 IMG_4270


All hail Uncle Al – enough said….

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Classin’ up an Architecture Museum


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