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Truth in Advertising

Anybody who doesn’t live with their head in the sand, or believing in magical mystery boogie-men in the sky, knows that Insurance Companies are nothing if not lying parasites that try every devilish trick they can devise to screw their customers out of ever having to pay for anything.  I actually had one PROFIT from having to pay-out for a scenario I was involved in.

That said, it was nice to see an Insurance Company finally send me a letter the other day showing clearly how I’m going to feel as their customer.

“Yeah big boy, give it to me prison style… you know that’s how I like it…right here at my desk…”

Blasting Zone has commenced BLASTING!!!

The Blasting Zone has just fucking detonated!!


OUR MOTTO:  Guitars until your anus bleeds and napalm runs out your fucking ear holes!!  We are here to KILL your guitar tracks and sound.


Everything louder than everything else!!!


RG100 – yes, DIMEBAG’s AMP!!!! (the carpet version and everything!!! – no fucking joke)


WALL OF AXE ™ !!! – and there’s more as well…. not every guitar fits on the wall at once


AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! AMPS! (the Mesa Boogie Mark IV is Lamb of God’s Amp!!! – you can TOTALLY HEAR IT!!! – the FUCKER screams!!! (and it’s beautiful)).  The Marshall JMP1s are also some bad ass kit.  If they’re good enough for Ministry, they’re good enough for us.



The Soundcraft 600 16 channel – the new heart of Blasting Zone.  It sounds as awesome as an analog console should!!!

IMG_4061 IMG_4063










JCM2000 TSL 100 – loads of burn!!











Java is like severe head-trauma for your computer.

Anyone that writes applications in this garbage language has obviously never had to use a Java-based application.  If they had, they’d realize how fucking buggy, inconsistent, and slow this language is in real life.

Please, if you know anyone developing in Java, do them and the Internet a favor and check them into rehab.


Hello world!


     printf("Hello World");

Boot sector found.
Image initializing…

Ahhh, that’s much better. I love a good boot-up in the morning.

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