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Java is like severe head-trauma for your computer.

Anyone that writes applications in this garbage language has obviously never had to use a Java-based application.  If they had, they’d realize how fucking buggy, inconsistent, and slow this language is in real life.

Please, if you know anyone developing in Java, do them and the Internet a favor and check them into rehab.


Tunnel Tampons

Just when you thought the Dept. of Homeland Security couldn’t get any weirder, check out this gem of an idea.
“…What’s the best way to plug a giant hole? Why with a giant plug, of course. That’s the thinking of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T), which has created just such a giant plug to contain flooding or dangerous gases in mass transit tunnels…”
I wonder how Tampax feels about this.
“…for those EXTRA HEAVY FLOW days…coming soon to Drug Stores near you…”
Tunnel Tampon

Tunnel Tampon




Let’s see if anyone can find what’s
wrong with this picture.

Good advice

No clue

Somebody needs to find the head of this product line and slap them with a BIG clue bat

I mean seriously….can this be any further from the point?

Can you spot what’s wrong with this picture?

(here’s a hint – the re-usable bags are packaged in a throw-away plastic bag. Not only is it ridiculously redundant to bag a bag, but it’s also wasteful…which is the purpose of the reusable bag in the first place.)

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